Devil in the Flesh Review

(Entry below is a review I wrote about the movie Devil in the Flesh, on 3/23/2002 -contains some spoilers)

Devil in the Flesh is a pretty entertaining film if you like light fluff and over the top events. It’s meant to be fun, campy and basically pointless, as you never see Debbie, the main character, really come to understand why her obsession was unhealthy or that it’s wrong to kill people. This film just takes you along for the ride.

Debbie is a high school student being relocated to a new town to live with her religious grandmother after the mysterious deaths of her mother and teacher. We find out she is “fully involved” in the fire in the opening sequence of the film in which her mother and teacher are killed.

Afterwards, we get to know Debbie as someone who appears pretty normal but has some serious abandonment issues beneath the surface. She has been  screwed with mentally, and she seems to want love. She falls in love with her teacher, and we see how cold she is and determined to get what she wants. Rose Mcgowan is great with the character and makes it believable.

I started to wonder why the football player’s body was never discovered, nor was the social worker’s who came to help Debbie. The plot is kind of gaping sometimes. I thought the detectives were OK. Their parts aren’t entirely unwatchable.

Debbie’s friend and various students also worked well. Rose McGowan fans should definitely see this film and buy it because she gives a killer performance and looks beautiful in every scene. Non Rose fans should probably avoid it, especially if you’re not into violence.


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