Impressions of ‘Lost Souls’

(Review below (of the movie, Lost Souls) was written on 10/21/2000)

I wasn’t in a hurry to see Lost Souls, but unfortunately, I agreed to go and see it with friends. There is definitely a mood that is well established as eerie and ominous but it never really amounts to much. There are also a lot of shots in the beginning that are annoyingly shot. We get too many extreme close-ups of arm hair and pores.

I kept getting flashbacks of Beetlejuice because of Winona’s wig and her attempt to look morose. Her acting was adequate but Ben Chaplin did a better job with his character. I found myself feeling for him because he just seemed too nice to be the anti-christ. And that’s really why the ending was disappointing. The audience never gets to find out if he definitely was or wasn’t.

I also kept wondering why Maya (Winona’s character), who endured an exorcism herself, would put herself in the position to participate in more exorcisms and experience more horror. This didn’t make sense to me and it seemed kind of sick. The exorcism scenes also make you feel extremely cheated if you’re hoping to be terrified.

This is a movie that could have been a lot better because it had an interesting premise and appealing actors. If you see this movie, leave ten minutes early and make up your own ending. It will definitely be better than the one offered by the movie. The film ends with a lot more nagging questions than satisfactory answers


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