Feel Better Now

Tonight I remembered why I haven’t been feeling my best lately, and it’s because I haven’t been doing the following things enough over the past few days:

1. being grateful for all that I have
2. cardio exercise for at least 30 minutes followed by a hot shower
3. meditation
4. listening to music
5. being aware of my thoughts
6. getting enough sleep

So today I did some catching up. After running a few errands and having dinner, I exercised and meditated. I plan to attend a small writing group tomorrow that I have never been to before. The weather is supposed to be very nice so I’m looking forward to that. When you work from home, it can be easy to forget that there is a great big world out there full of interesting people and places to go to observe people.

I’m already getting into the new book by Dan Brown called Inferno which I bought last night, immediately after reading the sample I downloaded. I’ll write up a review once I finish it which will probably be very soon! Dan Brown novels are hard to put down and very intriguing, so I’m sure this one will be the same.

It’s a shame that really good moods pass by just like bad moods do. The trick is to watch your mind and its tendencies, and to do what your body tells you to do. If it’s feeling restless, then exercise in some way. Go for a walk, a hike, a bike ride, a run. Something to get the blood circulating and the heart rate up. If your body is exhausted, then sleep. No need to complicate things. Feed your body if it feels hungry.

If your feeling bored, give your mind some stimulation with a good book or a break from your routine. If your mind is overwhelmed and stressed, then slow yourself down, take some deep breaths and listen to your thoughts in a detached way. Or just focus on the feeling of a deep breath. Center yourself and just allow yourself to be.

I remember watching a documentary about a fashion designer (I forget who it was now). He said something very wise. He said “If you don’t take care of your mind, your body will react. If you don’t take care of your body, your mind will react.” And it’s the absolute truth. They should be taken care of equally in order for a person to feel balanced, whole, and well.


May 16, 2013. Tags: , , , , . writing.

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