How to Find Blogging Ideas

1. Reading the paper

2. Overhearing conversations

3. Movie concepts

4. Reading other blogs

5. Reflecting on life

6. Family events

7. Things that anger you

8. Things that surprise you

9. Things you’re curious about

10. Coping with setbacks

11. Things you find inspiring

12. Poetic images

13. Fantasies, dreams and explorations

14. A unique event or person you encounter

15. Life in your city

16. Weird/funny/insightful comments people make

17. The world you observe

18. People’s behaviors

19. Noting your goals and accomplishments

20. Music and its messages

21. Meditation and Spirituality

22. Intriguing personalities-celebrities or unknowns

23. Changes you have undergone

24. Hopes for the future

25. Things that fascinate you


May 23, 2013. Tags: , , , . writing.


  1. Amy Warren replied:

    Good ideas! Since I’ve started blogging, I find myself jotting down ideas as they come to me throughout the day. Now I have a list that will keep me going for a while 🙂

  2. ksocorro replied:

    Thanks! I’m so glad my list could inspireyou. Keep writing! 🙂

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