Invite More Luck

(Entry  below was written on 6/14/2006)

I once heard that if ever you find a lost key in a public place, you should always pick it up and keep it with you. It is a sign; it’s your key to something you have been seeking. I forgot where I read or heard that, but I never forgot it.

I found a small key today during my lunch break. There are some big fountains nearby where I work and surrounding the fountains is a flat short wall where people often sit for lunch. It’s facing a deli that has outdoor seating.

Once I sat for lunch I noticed a small brilliant silver key near me on the wall. There were people sitting beside me on either side but neither of them seemed to notice it or could’ve been the ones to drop it. It was a little bit dirty and did not have a key ring attached to it. It looked as if it had been there for a while.

It has a small round top with a hole that is pretty big for the size of the overall key. It struck me as unique because it looks like a child’s diary key or like a key for a safe deposit box. It’s super small. I picked it up and cleaned it off a little (after eating my lunch of course) and put it in my pocket.

I think the hole in the key is big enough for me to place it on a chain and wear it as a pendant, so maybe I’ll do that and it will bring me luck. I’m sure I have an unused silver chain lying around that will fit it. For now I have the key in the change part of my wallet, in a flap separate from my change.

I’m always looking for silly, superstitious ways to invite more luck into my life. It can’t hurt to believe in a special talisman placed at the just the right time for only you to find and keep. Sorry to anyone out there in NYC if this is your key that I stole. It was so cute I just had to take it.


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