If I Only Knew Then..

Things I wish I could tell my pre-employed self:

1.  Never rush through work, you will only get punished with more work and picking up the slack of others

2. Don’t let anyone talk you into a promotion you don’t want

3. If a job has you literally going crazy, having panic attacks or not sleeping, just quit. Something better will come along.

4. Think about what you really want to be doing all day every day, pick something you will not get tired of

5. Make your work life as tranquil as you can. No need to work to death, unless you own the company.

6. No boss should expect unquestionable perfection, you are a human being, not a machine.

7. Keep your work/life balance in mind always, keep your home life and peace of mind sacred.

8. Don’t work for anyone who doesn’t let you eat lunch in peace.

9. Gossip and most work socializing will waste your time and make you look unprofessional.

10. Music helps the day go by faster if you’re stuck doing something you don’t want to do.

11. Think seriously about what brings you joy, and how you can make that your  living. Don’t live a lie.

12. Don’t work for someone you don’t respect.

13. Follow only your own definition of success. Being balanced and healthy and feeling useful matter, not fancy job titles or high salaries. Think about the quality of life you want.

14. Prove yourself and you abilities, but don’t overdo it.

15. Keep your dreams in mind and take small steps each day toward achieving them.

16. Believe in yourself, you are capable of more than you can imagine.

17. Communicate and delegate work if you feel overwhelmed. Don’t suffer in silence.

18. Remember that most people are stressed/busy/tired or all of the above, have patience.

19. Use all of your vacation time.

20. Help others find their way in the working world, it is satisfying to know you can lend a hand by referring them to a job opening, letting them list you as a referral, etc. This can also help you down the road.


May 30, 2013. Tags: , , . writing.


  1. Amy Warren replied:

    On #6 – I saw a job ad yesterday that twice mentioned that the candidate would be expected to produce “defect free” work. I didn’t apply for the job. I’m enough of a perfectionist without that pressure!

  2. ksocorro replied:

    That is just crazy. Good for you for not applying. It seems like employers’ expectations are out of this world these days. Perfection is not possible! And as a perfectionist myself, I feel your pain.

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