“What we see depends mainly on what we look for”

I found that quote (title of post) on this website the other day: http://www.astrologyandbeyond.com/ and it really struck me. It was said by Sir John Lubbock. It’s really worth pondering.

I read what is probably the single most inspiring book I have ever gotten my hands on in my life. It’s written mostly for women, but I think anyone can benefit from its message. It has a really dumb title, God on a Harley (please don’t let that fool you) and it’s by Joan Brady. I don’t even remember how I came across this book from researching another book online a long time ago, but the reviews always stayed in my head.

People claimed this book had changed their lives and that they had bought several copies for friends who had thanked them for doing so. It’s a really short and very affordable. I got my copy at Barnes and Nobles for $6.99.

It’s a spiritual book, but not preachy. And it doesn’t cater to any particular religion, just a sense of a higher power than us. I recommend this book very highly to anyone who needs a bit of inspiration in their lives. It gave me this sense of peace inside me like nothing else ever has. Hope you’ll give it a look.

Here is the book description from amazon.com:

At thirty-seven, Christine Moore had a world-class case of burnout: frustrating career, a few dead-end romances, and a less-than-perfect figure. Little did she know her life was about to change completely….

“Come out of the shadows, Christine. You’ve spent far too much time hiding in shadows.” The man who spoke to her was gorgeous — long sable hair, faded T-shirt, black motorcycle jacket — all astride a 1340cc Harley-Davidson, mysteriously parked on a moonlit beach near her home. Christine was inexplicably drawn to this stranger — who seemed to know everything about her — and as a sweet serenity settled over her, she surrendered to his words: “We have a lot of work to do, but it won’t feel like work. It will feel quite wonderful.”

So begins Christine’s journey, a voyage of the spirit that frees her to appreciate each precious moment of life — and reveals to her six wondrous precepts that lead to the deepest peace and fulfillment we can ever know. For every woman whose heart has ever been broken, but who believes in her soul that real happiness can be found, God On A Harley has arrived. Need a lift?


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