A Million Dollars Prompt

Prompt: (found online)- What 5 items would you buy if you had a million dollars?

My response:

I think if I had a million dollars, I would buy a home someplace in Europe, preferably by the ocean. I would have to research the places with the best climate but I think Europe would be my destination of choice, where quality of life and balance and wellness is valued over high salary and high stress/status. The U.S. just wouldn’t be ideal for me. I would purchase this home first and then furnish it very minimally.

I remember watching an episode of ‘Cribs’ on MTV, where they featured the house of Paulina Rubio, the pop singer. Her bedroom facing the ocean looked like paradise to me, the perfect dream bedroom. Nothing calms me more than an ocean view.

Secondly (and thirdly), I would hire a personal trainer and chef to cook healthy meals only. My personal trainer would help me get to the level of fitness I’ve always dreamed of. And the chef would be there to prepare my meals and make sure I don’t cheat on my diet. These two people would not be items obviously, more like services for personal improvement. A personal trainer’s motivation would be just what I need to create and maintain the exercise habit.

The fourth service I would purchase would be a meditation/yoga trainer for daily sessions of meditation, stretching and centering. This is very important to me because life is inherently stressful. And doing everything possible to manage stress will always be useful. The fifth thing I would pay for is a trust fund for my niece and nephew, to use as they see fit by the age of 21. They could use the money for college or whatever else they need.

I don’t think most people want a lot of money in order to buy things. If I came into a lot of money, I would love the security that it would bring. Not having to worry about money would be a blessing and the way to a much richer, more fulfilling life in which I could be of service to others with my time and energy, and not have to worry so much about ensuring my own survival and independence.

Money should buy experiences because they are more fulfilling than material things. A trip around the world, (or a trip to a new country each year), a weekly massage, having all the free time you want to pursue and practice your own creative interests and hobbies, that is the ideal life.

If I didn’t have to work, I would volunteer a few times a week, balance that with my own creative pursuits and travel as much as possible. There is so much of the world and other cultures that is unknown to me and it would be nice to be a more well-rounded, worldly person.

My dream home as shown in this video:
That bedroom! That terrace!


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