Books about Writer’s Block

I’m reading this book about writer’s block right now called Unstuck by Jane Anne Staw. It’s good but it really annoys me in writing books when the author starts getting into these long, detailed narratives about their formative years. Like anyone really cares about that. It’s not going to help anyone get to writing better and more often. It’s just boring filler.

There’s no way that reading about an author’s college admissions essay is going to help me overcome the blocks to my own writing. That’s the only real reason I’m reading. If I wanted to know about the author’s life, I’d just go buy their biography. It takes so long to get to the point that the book ends up putting me to sleep.

I bought the book after starting this chapter in it called Thinking Small (Chapter 5). I tend to not do that. I think I must have some huge, life changing event happening in order to make my life worth writing about. Even though I know there are thousands of little things out there that can be interesting if explored through creatively writing and focusing on them. That’s my issue.

I feel like my life has nothing spectacular in it worth writing about, and a good writing book points out all those topics that could easily be overlooked or that you might not ever consider. This book is too concerned with getting into all the reasons why you might be having writer’s block, and not much about how to get past it. Though I’m still in the beginning so who knows, maybe it gets better.

I’m also working through Write for your Life by Lawrence Block, based on his series of writing seminars. This book is very good, interesting, and has me writing, so I’m enjoying it much more. When you get into it, you need to stop a few times to do a writing exercise when he’s done describing it, and it’s very motivational. When I’m done I will write a lengthier review to give you a better idea of the book.


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