Let go and Let God

My thoughts on the phrase “Let go and let God:”

This advice is very sound and can be very comforting. especially for people like me who always want control over every situation, and who get disappointed when things don’t turn out the way they were expecting.

Not everything can go as planned all the time, and we only stress ourselves out by trying to fight against the flow of life. Sometimes, there’s just nothing else you can do. You just have to wait something out and leave the outcome in God’s hands. Let go of control and just surrender.

There are times when letting go and letting God seem impossible, but we need to have trust and faith that things are for the best, and the lessons we learn as humans will only make us better in the end. I used to think things like: When will I find love? When will I be happy? When will I know my purpose? When will I feel like part of a group of friends?

But it’s pointless to try to predict the future. We can only live now and what’s important is accepting who we are and how life is. This leads to peace of mind, it ends fruitless resistance. It’s ok to be gentle with ourselves, admit we have faults and have made mistakes, and simply try to improve.

Nothing can ever be perfect, or exactly as we want it, because we are human, not angels. And this is earth, not heaven. There will be struggles and hardships but there will also be blessings and happiness too. And little things to take pleasure in. And little moments that remind you of why it is great to be alive, and those are the ones that matter most.


June 7, 2013. Tags: , , , . writing.

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