I am Nobody’s Little Weasel

I recently rented the movie Amelie which I started out really liking a lot. I had heard it was a feel good movie that pointed out all the little special things about life that most people usually overlook or take for granted.

Amelie is a quiet, young girl in her early twenties who suffered from a lot of traumas as a child. As a result she lives mostly in her imagination and tries as much as possible to avoid and ignore reality.

I found it to be a really charming story about a young girl who felt suddenly like she found her purpose in the world after doing a kind act for a stranger (anonymously) and seeing how good it made her feel.

She has this epiphany and starts to do more and more kind, benevolent acts for strangers, acquaintances, neighbors and coworkers. She does this purely to help them and entertain herself at the same time with the idea that they are clueless about how these good things just happen.

I thought wow, here’s a movie that’s about a pretty, young woman that doesn’t focus on her trying to get/keep/find/win a man. And actually it shows her having a higher purpose. Her life’s mission is guided and focused on that one purpose. I found it to be really refreshing and inspiring. Until, it of course turned into a pseudo love story about her being too shy to approach a guy she grew up with and is secretly in love with.

I thought I was going to vomit when her elderly neighbor tells her to ‘go get him’ or something to that effect. I was completely disgusted. This could have been a movie with a real, profound message and meaning and instead it became a typical, cliché love story.

I would have loved it if it carried on in the same vein throughout, and Amelie had learned that it she could bring joy and light to the world simply by being herself and doing good deeds for others.

By the end of the movie I was upset because of course Amelie’s mission in life turned out to be to get her man, forgetting all those kind acts she did for others and switching her focus entirely. It was so predictable and tired.

I so thought this movie would be about something else. Something not so typical and truly inspiring. And it was inspiring throughout the first half, then it just got boring. The guy she was in love with kind of came up out of nowhere, like an afterthought. And the movie would have been just fine without him in my opinion.

The title of this blog post is one of Amelie’s lines in the beginning of the film. I guess she was wrong.



June 14, 2013. Tags: . movies.

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