What Would Janice do?

(Entry below was written on December 1, 2008)

I love Janice Dickenson. Since I don’t have work tomorrow, I’m up at 3:24am watching her sell her jewelry on HSN (home shopping network). All the cocktail rings are lovely, but of course at size 5, too big for my fingers.

I adore Janice’s personality. She’s loud and obnoxious, but in a way that is fully, unapologetic-ally her. She is not afraid to be who she is. To be loud or overbearing, To be fun and stylish, sexy and fabulous no matter how old she gets. She has admirable ambition and drive and has made herself into a success in the modeling world on her own terms.

I’ve read 2 of her books- her autobiography, No lifeguard on duty which I lent to my mom who loved it too, and Everything about me is fake and I’m perfect. Her writing style is fresh and she has a natural way of telling a story that draws you in, as if you were in conversation with her. She is the epitome of strong.

I wish I could be that way. I mean so socially strong that I intimidate others with my confidence and sense of self. That others are at a loss for words when around me because I make such a secure impression on them. To be like her, not like myself- shy, always retreating, second guessing. That is my ultimate dream. To be unafraid to speak my mind. To be who I want to be and see myself to be.

I was addicted to her show back when it was on the Oxygen network, The Janice Dickenson Modeling Agency. I had rented the first season from Netflix and became addicted. mostly because Janice took every opportunity to showcase her best self.

She has talents for photography, modeling and is also a model agent and mentor. It was really hypnotic to watch her work.  There was a scene on her show where she encourages one of the models in her agency by telling him that growing up, “I believed you could be, just anyone you really wanted to be.” That just sums it all up, doesn’t it? She said it with a conviction that would remove any doubt. She was dead serious.

Janice came from humble beginnings and an abusive household, and still had the determination and strength to go after her dream of being a model in a time where models looked nothing like her. They were all blonde and blue-eyed. She paved her own path and became an in demand model anyway when most agencies turned her away at first

She didn’t let anything defeat her. She later decided she wanted to have a modeling agency of her own, and film the whole process for a reality show, and so it was done. Just like that. She decided to write books, so she became a best-selling author. And it’s easy to see why.

She is a distinct personality. An amazing woman who has accomplished so much. People may ridicule her but she lives her life in her own way and makes no apologies ever.  She knows exactly who she is and is unafraid to show it. and that is so stunning to me.

She makes it all look so easy and so fun because she really lives her life and makes the most of it, and encourages others to do the same in her books. So now I guess she has a jewelry line, I had no idea about it. the bracelets and rings and necklaces are very pretty too. I guess there really is no limit to what a person can do or what she can get if she really wants it.


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