Films That Make You Think

(Entry below was written on September 5, 2011)

This weekend I saw the movies Limitless and Me and You and Everyone We Know. Both movies were good. Limitless really gets you thinking about how hard it is to go after your dreams and motivate yourself, and how easy it would be to take a little pill everyday that would clear your mind of distractions and give you a jolt of energy and motivation to really start living your life on purpose.

It says a lot about our modern society and how we all want the magic fix: a pill (shortcut) to keep us from having to do all the hard work in order to achieve success and well-being. Finding time to exercise, sleep enough and meditate and set your goals (your actual goals, not the ones that other people expect of you) is really hard work. It’s hard finding a balance between your priorities and your daily responsibilities to keep yourself clothed and fed.

Me and You and Everyone We Know was a simple story, trying a little too hard to be quirky, but was entertaining anyway. It kind of highlights how all people are a little lost and no one really knows the point of life or why they are here, alive right now. I like films that examine those questions, or at least shed light on how people must actually feel beneath their socially acceptable masks.

Last night I remembered the scene in the The Haunting I think it was (terrible movie) where Catherine Zeta-Jones and a couple of other people are brought to a house to supposedly have their sleeping patterns and insomnia examined, but the house ends up being haunted. Catherine’s character says:

“You know what, the rest of you may hate your insomnia but I’m not sure I want a cure for mine. That’s when I get all my best ideas… I’m alone, occasionally… with no distractions. My mind is racing with creative ideas and come 3 am I feel like a genius.”

There is a lot of truth to that statement. I wonder what I could write if a had a clear mind and no distractions in the middle of the night, every night, for the rest of my life. Living in a quiet house somewhere, with no traffic noise, no neighbor noise, no  boss, nothing but my books, my journals and my pens. What a dream it would be.


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