Review of Loser

(Review below was written on 2/18/2001)

I was curious about watching this movie from the previews and it turned out to be a lot funnier than I expected. It was very entertaining and I couldn’t believe how fast it seemed when it got to the end.

The main character, Paul, is an innocent lamb bought to the slaughter of the big city. He instantly suffers major culture shock when he leaves his safe, happy home to enter the dorms of obnoxious college life in New York City.  I found it pretty ironic that while Paul tried to follow the advice of his father for making friends, (Interested is Interesting) he is still met with derision and suspicion from most of the strangers he encounters.

Poor Paul is trying to keep his grades up while dealing with partying roommates, and he develops a crush on a classmate, Dora, played by Mena Suvari. Mena Suvari is excellent in this movie and does a total turn around from her character in American Beauty. Their relationship is innocent and sweet and you find yourself feeling for both characters. The movie also has great music.

The villain is clearly spelled out as the pretentious professor, and Paul’s roommates seemed to get more and more annoying and useless to the script. Their scenes did nothing to move the story along. As the audience, you end up rooting for Paul who never changes, gives up his values, or tries too hard to fit into his peer group or the cold world of the city.

I recommend this movie, its funny and romantic, without being overly sappy.



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