Early Bird or Night Owl

Prompt: Are you an early bird, or night owl?

My response:

I’m a night owl. Always have been. I mean, as I’ve gotten older I’ve learned the importance of a good night’s sleep. But if I’m on vacation, I usually go to be around 3 or 4am and get up around 1pm. It ends up the same pattern every day, whether I’m away somewhere or staying home.

I was born in the middle of the night, I think around 4:30am and have always been wide awake at night, tormenting my mother who tried everything she could think of to get me to sleep. She used to give me baths hoping they would relax me (this technique would work on my sister) but I would only wake up more and have even more energy.

Being a night owl can be fun. I have not stayed up all night on many occasions but it’s great when you are a kid. I would do things like build a little fort for my hamster to play in on my comforter, wait up for a babysitter to play board games with me, or watch old reruns of Three’s Company while my mom would peek in my room every now and then to see if I was asleep yet.

As I got older I would write late at night, or watch movies, listen to music,  reorganize my closet, or I would read. It would have to be things I could do quietly. Mostly it was writing angsty poetry, or angsty journal entries, or reading things online about my favorite bands or actors/actresses. Sometimes I would meditate too.

As I began to dream of an independent life outside my parent’s house, I imagined being out late at night with friends at bars and clubs, which I did for a few years, and then turned my focus to my relationship once I found one. And now my focus is back on myself.

I’m off from work next week and I hope to be doing a lot of late night writing, reading, and hopefully some poetry writing. It’s hard for me to write poetry when I’m sad. I know that’s usually not typical. But I find that writing and ideas come more easily when I’m happy. They just come to the surface with hardly any effort.

Now that I’m sad though, I probably should be writing more because of the cathartic aspects of it, and not worry so much if it comes out as glorious verse or prose. The point is just to do it, and prove to myself that I am alive and have a mind that can create work that is all my own. Writing, and especially writing by hand, is a great way to reinforce and acknowledge your living self. Writing is magical and powerful.


July 6, 2013. Tags: , , , . writing.


  1. Amy Warren replied:

    You have the same natural sleep schedule as me. I started vacation last week and it doesn’t take long to return to my 4 am – 1 pm routine. I was working on a Toastmasters speech at 3 am last night!

  2. ksocorro replied:

    Good, I’m not alone, 🙂
    It’s so funny how that sleep schedule just feels so right and natural!

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