Reality Bites Review

(Review below was written on 5/10/2000)

This movie is very entertaining on many different levels. It’s one of my favorites. The music, for one thing, is really great and fun. The soundtrack is awesome and it really helps you understand the kind of world these characters live in. Anyone attending college will identify with the empty feeling of not knowing what lies ahead and the confusion that comes with trying to make something of your life.

Lelaina is the main character, the valedictorian of her graduating class in college and I like how the movie shows that even someone very intelligent can struggle when making the transition from college into real life and full time work. She works as an intern at first, but knows the work is not really what she wants to do with her life. She tries to juggle new romance with staying afloat financially and keeping her sanity. The character is very real, relatable and Winona Ryder’s performance is natural and endearing.

The movie has several funny moments and you’re sure to laugh every now and then. It’s fun to watch Lelaina get revenge on her mean employer and Troy being witty and reflectively quoting from literature. One of my favorite moments is when he answers the phone with a greeting of, “Hello, you’ve reached the winter of out discontent.” As an English major, I enjoyed these little clever references.

This movie is good for all ages because it gives insight into the grungy generation of angst and the death of idealistic youth.



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