Jawbreaker Movie and Soundtrack

(Review below was written on 2/4/2000)

I chose to watch this movie on cable one night because I enjoyed other movies Rose McGowan has starred in, but this movie has got to be her worst. She’s great at playing her nasty role but the movie and plot is not good enough for her. I was wondering what made her agree to star in the movie after reading the script. It’s actually so bad, that it’s good in a campy way.

This movie has been compared to Heathers, a movie which basically has the same premise. Heathers is a much smarter film which is well written and which has characters that are better developed. Jawbreaker may be mildly entertaining to look at, what with its colorful sets and costumes. It’s cartoonish and over the top and that may have been the point.

The popular and unpopular alike will be curious about seeing this movie because the unpopular girl gets a makeover and the popular girl is humiliated at the end. By the way, if you want to see was Liz Purr was like alive, you should watch “The Rage: Carrie 2” where the same actress plays a character named Tracy (a popular girl).

After seeing the movie and hearing all the great music in it, I knew that the soundtrack would fulfill my expectations. The music is simply fabulous, especially tracks like Yoo Hoo, Don’t Call Me Babe, and Stay in Bed. Next to You is another great song.

Some of the songs from the movie are not on the soundtrack. For example, the song that plays while the girls are putting their dead friend, Liz, back into bed. I really enjoyed that song and was somewhat disappointed when it didn’t appear on the soundtrack.

Another song from the movie that was absent from the soundtrack was the song Heartbreaker which was playing when the girls were walking down the hall and deciding that the character, Vylette, needed a boy.

Listening to the soundtrack feels like you’re watching the movie all over again. It is hip and stylish like the movie was. There’s a diverse variety of songs and I’m sure everyone will find songs that they love on the soundtrack. The artists on the soundtrack that I would recommend are Ednaswap, Transister, Letters to Cleo, and Grand Mal.



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