True Life and Tiny Changes

“True life is lived when tiny changes occur.”
-Leo Tolstoy

I believe this quote to be true. It just takes a commitment to making a tiny change, maybe every day, maybe every week, and then you start to see things differently, and your outlook can change. Maybe you decide to meditate for a few minutes each morning, or to do twenty minutes of exercise each evening, or to substitute¬†one unhealthy meal for a healthy one, or cut down on the amount of meat that you consume. Right now I’m going through changes, and so are you. We are affected and altered by everything that we see and everything that we encounter.

And realizing this means that the future can always have possibility. And that the past doesn’t have to repeat itself. Sometimes I really need to strongly remind myself that each day is brand new, and there’s no reason to drag the past into it in any way. Yesterday is done and today you can have new thoughts. You can go someplace different. You can try something new that you’ve always wanted to try. You can always rewrite your story. The choice and the power are always there when you decide to seize them.

In attempting change, I always try to envision myself as the person I want to be, not as the person I am. Or I envision the person I most admire in the world and ask myself: How would they handle this present situation? How would my ideal self handle it? And then you can decide to be the person that you want to become. You can decide that today’s the day for your best self to emerge. And to merge with the world and change it as well. True life is lived when you decide that the time is right to make a change, and you act on that decision.


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