Happiest Day Prompt

Prompt: Write about the happiest day of your life

My Response:

The happiest day of my life was maybe a toss-up. I was happy at many times in my life, when I went to Paris and London, when I moved out on my own and had freedom. When I met a certain person. The greatest memory that stands out to me though was probably when I got to go to Mexico (Cabo San Lucas) for the first time with I— and we meditated together on the beach.

We asked if we could use these beds out on the beach that were used by the staff for giving massages. I felt peaceful and happy and complete because I was sharing something that brought me a lot of joy with someone I love. It was quiet, breezy and serene and I can’t remember ever having another moment that was as perfect as that. The first night we arrived we sat and watched the bonfire pit on the hotel grounds.

I felt amazed that my life had become like a dream. I felt I was at the most secluded spot, the edge of the world, and it was finally my time to have fun. My time to enjoy my life. I felt it was finally moving forward in the direction of my dreams. It was a high like no other.

When you meditate with another person, it makes the meditation process easier. And when you go away someplace tropical with a person you love for the first time, you realize how magical life can be and you remember that trip forever.


July 31, 2013. Tags: , , , . writing.

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  1. Ajax replied:

    This was very beautiful and touching.

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