Nurture Your Writing

Prompt: Write a list of ways to nurture your writing

My response:

I could block off a specific writing exercise time, as I’m starting to do for meditation and physical exercise.

I could dedicate myself to doing at least one exercise (prompt) a day- pulling from my vast archives, like my ‘journal jar’ folder in my email box and the Judy Reeves book, A Writer’s Book of Days and the back of the book A Year of Writing Dangerously which has 52 prompts for writing (one for each week of the year).

I could schedule my blog posts and use them to explore prompts, such as responses to quotes that I find online.

I could start doing morning pages (as suggested by The Artist’s Way). These are 3 handwritten pages of free-writing every day to make room for the muse to appear.

I could attend a new writing group where they work with prompts or a writing marathon group.

I could start more faithfully recording my dreams.

I can take mental notes whenever I go out anywhere- to the park for a walk, to the supermarket or other stores, etc. I can do this in order to maybe explore things later in writing- things I observed or overheard.

I could watch a favorite writing related movie like Funny Farm or Magic Beyond Words.

I could go to a museum and see what the art inspires me to write about

I could go to a place I’ve never been to before- like a beach or a café in another town, and write while there. And explore my impressions of the new place.

I could read more poetry every day to familiarize myself again with poetic language and imagery.


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