Perfection Prompt

Prompt: Write “Perfection” and then whatever words come to mind.

My Response:

Perfection. The first other word that comes to mind is “trap.” Trying to achieve perfection, or even thinking it might be possible is a trap. It’s something that no one will ever achieve. I’ve been guilty of this idea. I’ve been guilty of wanting a life that resembles perfection as much as possible, but no one really has a perfect life. And this is because there are no perfect human beings.

I was reading a book yesterday about Kate Moss. She seems to have a perfect life. She is beautiful, rich, a supermodel, stylish, and special because she has fun in her life and doesn’t take anything too seriously. She has been described as ‘giggly and girly’ with a youthful spirit. I envy that she has really lived her life without fear. Someone in the book even describes her that way, saying “She has no fear!”

That’s how I want to be. I want to see things, myself, and the world around me as they really are- not clouded by what’s in my head or what I’m feeling. The world exists out there and goes on regardless of what I feel and don’t feel.

The word, perfection, also makes me think ‘unattainable.’ It’s not worth having as a goal because it can never be reached and can only lead to a unfulfilling life of frustration if you even try.

It’s funny that I chose this prompt because there are many people jogging by me in the park as I write this. I’m sure some of them jog for health and for how it makes them feel, but maybe others are seeking that perfection in their bodies, or are trying to get into perfect shape.

Perfection, the pursuit of it, can only make you miserable. Especially when paired with impatience, which I also have in abundance.


August 7, 2013. Tags: , . writing.

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