Innocence Prompt

Prompt: Innocence

My Response:

Innocence is something I don’t think is ever really lost. We see innocence in children, or in someone in need, or in someone learning something new, or trying to expand their horizons. Everyone has curiosity. Innocence emerges when the ego is left behind.

When the ego is set aside, the pure state of a human being is revealed. Innocence is something we all experience and a part of us is still questioning, unknowing, trying to learn and grow, and become someone better. Innocence is an eye opener, like experience is, but in a different way.

When you let yourself be innocent again, you let your guard down, your defences, your sense of control. And you just live in the moment and want to find out whatever it is offering to you. Innocence is something to cherish, to keep in mind when dealing with others and yourself, and the world in general. Innocence is a part of our natural selves.

No one was born superior, knowing all the answers to life. Everyone is guessing, everyone is innocently exploring and living and breathing. When you open your mind, you become innocent again, willing to be taught, willing to see something in a new way.

I don’t have children but I experience innocence in my niece and nephew, the way they literally look at things, explore things. They are always living in the moment. And that is the best part and what I hope they can hold onto as much as possible as they grow up. Being innocent and knowing you are protected and safe; we don’t always feel that way as adults.

But it’s important not to resist the present moment, to just flow with it and try as much as possible to detach yourself from results, and from the past and the worries of the future. If you live in the present moment and realize all there is to enjoy there, the future takes care of itself. Do whatever you want to do, as long as you don’t hurt others, and become acquainted with your innocence.


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