School Days Prompt

Prompt: If you’re out of school, what do you miss about it — or are you glad those days are over?

My response:

I miss absolutely nothing about school, except maybe summer vacation. But school itself was a difficult place for me to be. If I had a friend, it was one or two and not often people who I really liked.

In college I kept more to myself than ever, having realized that I’m not someone who warms up to other people very easily. I wanted to be liked, but I also really just wanted to graduate so I could read whatever I wanted to read (I was an English major).

The bullying I endured in high school was something unreal. I still am affected by it on my bad days, so it hurts to see that bullying is still so prevalent in schools. I was lucky that cyberbullying wasn’t a thing yet back then, as Friendster and Myspace and those types of sites only came to be after I had already graduated.

Cyberbullying is something that I’m not sure I would have survived. At least without the internet, a person can maintain some sort of privacy and mystery, and that’s what kept me going in those days. Teasing is incredibly pointless and damaging, and I still don’t quite understand why young people feel the need to do it.

I didn’t say much in school so people wondered about me and made their own conclusions. But basically I ignored them. My family was stable and I knew school wouldn’t be forever so I mostly hid out at home. Home was a relaxing place away from the madness of trying to fit in, when I clearly didn’t.

The thing I miss about college though, was the variety. Each new semester there would be new classes with new professors, held in new classrooms. Sure, the assignments were a lot of work but it’s not like I was responsible for paying bills or making my living; I was commuting to college from home.

As an adult, unless you take a risk and change jobs, there isn’t much variety in the day-to-day and that can get very monotonous and boring. You have to learn how to add your own spice to life and keep things fresh so that your brain wakes up and remains engaged in the world. This isn’t always easy to do. There is more fatigue, more responsibility and budgeting to consider. But it can be done.

It’s tricky to look for a job while keeping one full-time at the same time. But people do it all the time. I think if your job has you fed up, you owe it to yourself to see what else is out there that you can do for a living.

Staying in a rut can be safe and predictable, but also boring as hell if you don’t strike out every now and then. It’s important to remind yourself to enjoy life and feeling alive, as opposed to just existing and getting from one day to the next.


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