Run Away

Prompt: Running

My Response:

Running can mean many things. People run for health, to feel better about themselves, to live longer. People run because it makes them feel good. I remember feeling great when I was a child and I ran around all the time with friends, cousins, whoever.

It’s something that some people forget to do enough as they get older. Playing a game of tag with kids is a great way to run. Getting a little out of breath every now and then is good for anyone.

Then there is metaphorical running. Sometimes you find yourself running and running away, trying all kinds of different things, but then ending up in the same place. You can try to outrun yourself but you are always the same person.

Running away isn’t always a solution. It’s better to face yourself and your problems head on. Running away from life and issues is not an option. They are always going to be there, no matter how far away you try to run.

I’ve never taken up running as a workout. But maybe it’s something to consider. I want to experience that ‘runner’s high’ that many runner’s describe. That feeling of euphoria after completing a strenuous, vigorous activity and involving the whole body in the effort.

Running seems like a good way to feel alive, to feel in control, and like you have power over your destiny. I’m sure it’s also a powerful way to relieve tension and stress. Running is starting to sound better and better.


August 24, 2013. Tags: , , . writing.

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