Break from the News

Since I started working from home, I got into the bad habit of watching the news during my lunch break and other breaks. I had little choice in what to watch since I cancelled my cable, but I still could have chosen to watch something else. And that’s what I’m doing now. There is a book review show that’s on usually during my lunch hour and I’m watching that now instead.

Hopefully one day I’ll be one of those people who eat mindfully without distractions, but I’m not quite there yet. And working from home is very isolating. You kind of want to be in touch with the outside world, even if it’s just people talking on television. But I had to stop watching so much news. It was getting inside my head and making me miserable.

Watching the news daily is like reinforcing the idea that the world is a terrible, scary place and we should be fearful at all times. For an anxious person like me, that really doesn’t help me get on with my life or try to live fully. If I see that something bad happened nearby or on a train I take, I’m less likely to go out and explore and do the things I want to do.

I try to maintain a positive mindset, no matter how many negative thoughts or feelings I might be having. Not watching the news makes this easier. You can choose what you want to think about, instead of being bombarded with negative images and stories.

My parents watched the news constantly when I was growing up and I always hated it. I wanted to have my mind on other things. And the Spanish news they watched was even more sensationalistic and graphic in the way they reported the stories. I didn’t want to feel naïve, but I didn’t want the constant assault of the news every evening either.

Many people hate the movie ‘The Secret’ but in the commentary track, Rhonda Byrne says that she doesn’t watch the news because it doesn’t make her happy. That statement makes perfect sense to me. Why fill your head with dark, depressing things when you have the choice not to?

Everything you do affects the quality of your life, and I would rather work to maintain a positive outlook on the world and myself and eliminate things that get in the way of that effort. I want to spend more time in my life feeling well, not being saddened or appalled or frightened by news broadcasts.


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