Crazy Long Prompt

This prompt was given by someone at a writing group I went to recently. It was so out there that it actually produced rsome eally strong stories from everyone in the group, it was hilarious. Please don’t judge my horrible inability to write dialogue, and my use of clichés. We were given only 10 minutes to write after hearing the prompt. My response got a lot of laughs from the group (in a good way).

Prompt: Your 9-year-old son, Tiny Tim, needs an operation but you have no health insurance to pay for it. An old lady at Church buys your son a pony named ‘Razzle Dazzle’ to cheer him up. Your son and the pony become inseparable but you realize you have to sell the pony in order to pay for your son’s operation. You have to tell your son you have to sell his pony.

Your son and Razzle Dazzle are smoking cigars and insulting the general public together (or something like that). You realize that even more money can be made from the sale of Razzle Dazzle because he is a talking pony. Razzle Dazzle looks at you and says..”I know what you did last summer..”

My Response:

Razzle Dazzle looked at me knowingly. I was afraid of what was coming next but decided to be open to whatever he would suggest. I said, “How can you know what I did last summer? I didn’t even know you then and I barely know the old woman who bought you for my Tiny Tim.” Razzle Dazzle said, “I was travelling with the old lady when I came across your lake house one day. You were standing by the water and something was floating there before you.”

“You stood perfectly still: unmovable, unshakable, confident, unafraid and unfazed. The thing floating in the water appeared to be a small child. Later that night, I went around to the side of your house where your bedroom was. You were talking on the phone, and I heard you confess everything in a slow, measured, even, unfaltering tone. You said you had murdered your poor, sickly, toddler daughter.”

“No matter where you brought her for care, she never improved and you were at your wit’s end. Without health insurance, there was no way to see to her care and ensure her survival so you had to take a drastic measure and eliminate her from your life.”

I looked at Razzle Dazzle for a final time, and said, “Now that you know all this and have proven so, I must do the same thing. I must kill again and eliminate you, or risk being locked up for the rest of my life. And risk also that Tiny Tim will find out I killed his little sister in cold blood.” I calmly went into the house, pulled out the biggest kitchen knife I own, and pulled it on Razzle Dazzle.

He had nowhere to go and no one around to hear his final screams and his cries for mercy. I would have to find another way to resolve the dilemma of Tiny Tim’s operation. I could not become a murderer again. The most unlikely witness could turn up and ruin me, as Razzle Dazzle almost had. But I put an end to that. Once and for all.


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Prompt: Who are the people you most admire?

My Response:

-Shirley Manson
-Deborah Harry
-J.K. Rowling
-Anais Nin
-Rose McGowan
-Shannen Doherty
-Audrey Tatou
-Thandie Newton
-Allison Harvard
-Amanda Seyfried
-Sylvia Plath
-Tilda Swinton
-Stephanie LaCava
-Rachel Zoe
-Rumi Neely
-Kate Moss
-Bill Cunningham

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Season Prompt

Prompt: Which of the four seasons best suits your personality?

My Response:

Fall best suits my personality. I like the cool crisp air, getting to enjoy warm foods and coffees and teas again, and going out with just a sweater on. I like the fact that you can go for a walk without getting all sweaty. The summer can be too warm, and the winter too cold, and in the spring I have terrible pollen allergies. So the fall is just right for me. It’s like a fresh, new beginning.

I love to see the trees changing colors and the leaves falling peacefully to the ground. Fall is a lovely season. I love the warm orange colors, the coming of Halloween and Thanksgiving. And I love the natural tendency to spend more time indoors, cozy and comfy, wearing sweaters and snuggling under the blankets.

But going outside is no chore either, when you feel like going out for an invigorating walk in the park or anywhere else. I like the change of the temperature, less humidity, the overall feeling of change and of something new.

To me, fall is a very optimistic time full of hope and promise. It’s a time when holidays come around to enjoy the company of family, and a great time to give thanks and feel gratitude for all the abundant blessings we have.

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Reading List

The following are a list of the next books I want to read, luckily I looked them up and they are all at my library so I will be checking them out soon:

“Chilly Scenes of Winter”
-Ann Beattie

“The Bookshop”
-Penelope Fitzgerald

“Winter’s Tale”
-Mark Helprin

“The Heart is a Lonely Hunter”
-Carson McCullers

“Travels with Charley”
-John Steinbeck

“Possession: A Romance”
-A.S. Bryant

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Going on Around You Prompt

Prompt: What is going on around you right now?

My Response:

What is going on around me right now, unfortunately, is a lot of noise. I glad I took a nap earlier this evening because I had a bad headache and for some reason, the neighbors in the next apartment make so much loud noise that sometimes I feel that I live next to a bowling alley. And this noise continues from about 7pm all the way through 1am, so it makes writing, meditation, reading, or relaxing really difficult.

Someone told me recently that there are 26 children living in my apartment building, which has only 4 floors. I have nothing against living near children, but they should be in bed by a certain time and not allowed to disrupt the whole building at all hours of the night.

All of us need to get up early and work, and some people are just so inconsiderate about that. It would be nice to live someplace where you don’t need to constantly wear ear plugs all the time to try to get some sort of peace and quiet.

I went to the dentist today and it looks like one of my front teeth is very weak. I have a temporary veneer on it right now. My dentist patched it up but I will need a permanent replacement for it by the time I have to come back for my next cleaning in March.

This is cosmetic, not covered by insurance, and so it will cost me thousands of dollars. I guess I will have to start saving as much as I can because I don’t want to wipe out all the money I worked so hard to save over the years.

So any extra money like tax returns, bonuses, are being saved for this procedure. It’s going to be my next goal to work towards. I want to find someplace quieter to live so I started looking up apartments in my area.

My town is full of senior citizens but somehow I chose the building with 26 children living in it. Children who love to run around, bang into walls, and scream and cry at all hours of the day and night. Hopefully I can find a place that is cheaper too, as that will help me in saving to get my permanent veneers that are going to become absolutely necessary very soon.

It’s such a shame how people can get stuck in a job they don’t enjoy because of a big upcoming expense. What I hate most in the world is being in debt. So I’m going to try to save as much as I can between now and March so that I don’t have any debt hanging over my head.

I’m looking forward to this weekend because I’ll be going to a writing marathon group meeting on Saturday morning, and Sunday I’ll be volunteering at an Art and Music Festival. I just hope the fall weather doesn’t get too cool too soon so I can go out and enjoy it.

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Writing Group (Another Experience)

Last Tuesday night I attended a writer’s group that I had attended before, but the last time I was there it was a writing marathon being held. That was fun. I had a few things listed in my phone notepad app that I wanted to write about so the marathon gave me the time, space and a room to share with other people who were also working on their writing projects. Writers produce a great deal of creative energy when they write together, even if no speaking is involved.

But this meeting on Tuesday was the same group, except that 3 people had prompts prepared for everyone. We were given a prompt and ten minutes to write afterwards. And then everyone had to read what they wrote aloud! I didn’t know that was coming. I found the group on and that little detail (about reading) was left out. So while I was writing all this crazy stuff, I had no idea (after the first prompt) that everyone would be listening to me reading it when I was done.

Although there were about 11 people there, I didn’t feel very shy about reading because they didn’t know me at all. But I grew more shy about it, as the last prompt involved writing a fiction story (we were given a genre and a story type and I got ‘a journey and a return’ and ‘romance’).

That was difficult for me because I don’t normally ever write fiction. And there were some seriously talented writers in the room. They wrote snappy, humorous dialogue and really great, descriptive scenes on the spur of the moment. Being put on the spot didn’t seem to make them nervous at all.

I didn’t get too many comments after I read which was disheartening because some people really got a lot of praise and comments after they read their pieces. Some even got encouraged to turn what they wrote into the beginning of a story or novel. I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t know about that part (reading) of the meetup before I showed up because I probably would never have shown up if I had known!

It was still fun though, getting to hear everyone’s interesting takes on the prompts and the stories they came up with. The only one of my own that I was happy with was the ‘coming of age lesson’ prompts which I entered here as my last two posts on the blog.

It’s always fun to meet writers, and to write together with them. Writing is a solitary activity usually, so the change of scenery/company was nice and very welcome. Maybe the next meeting I go to will just be another writing marathon though, so I don’t embarrass myself.

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Lesson Prompt Part 2

Prompt: Part 2: Describe how that coming of age lesson was deconstructed.

My Response:

It seems that the more things change, the more they stay the same. It has been, at times, a whirlwind. Trying to find my own place in the world and define some sort of state of happiness that I can hold on to.

But after and beneath everything, the same things remain. I always return to the comfort of family, even though I live on my own now. If I falter and there is confusion, I know I can return to writing and sort out my mind.

I know meditation is there as well. And life always go on, no matter what may or may not be happening in my life. The struggles don’t end me. I find a way always to return to myself and persevere. There is always a new day ahead and a new chance to begin again.


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Coming of Age Lesson Prompt

I went to a writer’s group this past Tuesday night, in which several of the people assigned us prompts for 10 minute writing sessions. One prompt was in 2 parts. The first part I’ll post today, the second part will be posted tomorrow.

Prompt (Part 1): Describe a coming of age life lesson that you learned

My Response:

After school was over, I realized that I alone was responsible for my happiness. I had to take responsibility for my own life because no one else was going to show me the way. I had to make my own way. What I learned when I first moved out of my parents’ house when I was 24, was that everything changes. The person who you thought was the love of your life could disappear after a while.

The job that you felt so secure in could change, leaving you with your rent and your bills to somehow handle. The roommate you lived with could move out on you after four months with no warning, leaving you to scramble to find another apartment or have to face moving back in with your parents. Life doesn’t go smoothly, even when you have it all together, and find a great studio apartment all on your own.

Just when you start to get your head together, you meet someone new after being fixed up by a friend. And you find that the ups and downs of that on-again, off-again thing leave you emotionally drained and weak.

Prompt: Part 2: Describe how that coming of age lesson was deconstructed.

My Response- to be posted tomorrow

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Life is a Gift

I tend to be a control freak. I’m very aware of this and tend to get pissy when things don’t go the way I want them too. Trying to be in control is so useless in this world that we live in. We can’t control the weather, our job situations, other people, terrorism, traffic, etc.

Everyday things are way out of our control but we like to think that we can manage them and turn the universe to our liking. Often, you get the opposite of what you expect, and you have to maintain the hope that all works out for the best.

It’s definitely not an easy thing to do. Lately I’ve been listening to the short, (15 to 20 minute) guided mediations at the site: They are very useful, calming, and gentle. These meditations are good for people who feel they have to constantly push themselves to be better, to be smarter, to be perfect, to be stronger. I’ve been that way for most of my life. If things are not going right, I tend to blame myself first and feel that I am awful.

Sometimes it’s OK to take a step back and breathe, re-evaluate life and your place in it. The world will not come to a halt because you decide to take a break, call in sick, or do something selfish every now and then. It’s important to treat yourself with care. And show yourself that you care and have love for yourself.

None of us knows what the future holds, all we can do is our best with what we have right now, and take our time with things if we need to. There’s nothing wrong with taking baby steps when you have a bigger vision of how you want life to be.

It’s easy to let yourself get overwhelmed. But those are the time when its most important to relax, let yourself be and let things unfold as they will. Sometimes the best (and only) thing you can do, is let go. Others will help you if you ask, and then when you are ready, you can emerge and bloom and be fully immersed in the gift of life.

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Gratitude Prompt

Prompt: The internet is full of rants. Help tip the balance: today, simply be thankful for something (or someone)

My Response:

I’m thankful for many things in my life. I’m thankful for my senses that work well and allow me to enjoy things like food, music, hugs, beautiful sites of nature. I’m thankful for my body that works and is healthy and allows me the freedom to move through the world.

I’m thankful that I have savings in the bank, no debts, and a good job with a boss I get along with. I’m thankful for my family who loves me and wants to help me in any way they can, even when I isolate myself.

I’m thankful for exercise that makes me feel good, for the chance to join a class and exercise with other people to energizing music. I’m thankful for positivity blogs on the internet that help me become aware that I can change my thinking and have more compassion for myself.

I’m thankful that the other day, a lady in the supermarket let me go ahead of her in line because I had fewer items to buy. I’m thankful that people can do random acts of kindness like that whenever they feel like it.

I’m thankful that my entire family survived 9/11 even though I was on my way into Manhattan when it was happening and my mother was working in midtown.

I’m thankful that I can breathe easily and have healthy lungs and have never harmed myself by trying smoking or anything else like that. I’m thankful that I have a lot of time off because I’ve been with my company for so many years, and that I have health insurance as well. I’m thankful for people who are good listeners, and those who accept me for who I am without question or condition.

I’m thankful that I have the ability to write, to express myself, to create something that is all my own. I’m thankful that the world is full of new things to learn, new people to encounter, and new experiences all the time.

I’m thankful that I realize my life is rich and full and abundant, and that I live very well. I’m thankful for the chance to give my time and assistance to others which makes me feel better about myself.

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