Island Prompt

Prompt: Island

My Response:

‘Island’ is a word that evokes escape, relaxation, paradise. Someplace to go to vacate your life. I feel that I am an island, as all people are, but we need to make the effort to connect to each other.

As much as I sometimes hate to admit it, we are social creatures and thrive when around other people. I have been spending more time with my parents lately which has been nice. They remind me of a simpler time of no responsibilities.

But in spending more time with them I see how little has really changed. They still care so much for me and want every happiness for me. I tend to isolate myself, wanting total independence.

But no one can figure everything out on their own. Most people need some help every now and then and nothing is wrong with that. The worst thing in the world is realizing that you need help but suffering alone in silence.

I’m reminded of that Weezer song, “Island in the Sun” that was a big hit a few years ago. It’s tropical and soothing to listen to, a good road trip song. I dream of travelling to many islands one day. I don’t know if I will have to go alone but for now that doesn’t matter.

I’m still free to explore the world and have as much right to do so as anyone else. Being a single woman in her 30s is not the tragedy that society makes it out to be. There are far worse, real tragedies that people are suffering through every day. I am healthy, alive, employed, and have social support from my family.

I guess we all live on a sort of island of our own making. Many of us stick to the same routines, jobs, friends, hangouts, restaurants, patterns. There are very few people who really dare to venture out once they find something secure and comfortable.

I like things to be secure and predictable, but I’m coming into a time in my life where I will have to change that if I want to really live intentionally. If I want to have adventures, I have to forget safety and security for a while.  I can choose to go with the flow, surrender all control to the outside world. Or I can make a new choice, and set out for a new island to call my own. There’s no time like the present.


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