Coming of Age Lesson Prompt

I went to a writer’s group this past Tuesday night, in which several of the people assigned us prompts for 10 minute writing sessions. One prompt was in 2 parts. The first part I’ll post today, the second part will be posted tomorrow.

Prompt (Part 1): Describe a coming of age life lesson that you learned

My Response:

After school was over, I realized that I alone was responsible for my happiness. I had to take responsibility for my own life because no one else was going to show me the way. I had to make my own way. What I learned when I first moved out of my parents’ house when I was 24, was that everything changes. The person who you thought was the love of your life could disappear after a while.

The job that you felt so secure in could change, leaving you with your rent and your bills to somehow handle. The roommate you lived with could move out on you after four months with no warning, leaving you to scramble to find another apartment or have to face moving back in with your parents. Life doesn’t go smoothly, even when you have it all together, and find a great studio apartment all on your own.

Just when you start to get your head together, you meet someone new after being fixed up by a friend. And you find that the ups and downs of that on-again, off-again thing leave you emotionally drained and weak.

Prompt: Part 2: Describe how that coming of age lesson was deconstructed.

My Response- to be posted tomorrow


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