Writing Group (Another Experience)

Last Tuesday night I attended a writer’s group that I had attended before, but the last time I was there it was a writing marathon being held. That was fun. I had a few things listed in my phone notepad app that I wanted to write about so the marathon gave me the time, space and a room to share with other people who were also working on their writing projects. Writers produce a great deal of creative energy when they write together, even if no speaking is involved.

But this meeting on Tuesday was the same group, except that 3 people had prompts prepared for everyone. We were given a prompt and ten minutes to write afterwards. And then everyone had to read what they wrote aloud! I didn’t know that was coming. I found the group on meetup.com and that little detail (about reading) was left out. So while I was writing all this crazy stuff, I had no idea (after the first prompt) that everyone would be listening to me reading it when I was done.

Although there were about 11 people there, I didn’t feel very shy about reading because they didn’t know me at all. But I grew more shy about it, as the last prompt involved writing a fiction story (we were given a genre and a story type and I got ‘a journey and a return’ and ‘romance’).

That was difficult for me because I don’t normally ever write fiction. And there were some seriously talented writers in the room. They wrote snappy, humorous dialogue and really great, descriptive scenes on the spur of the moment. Being put on the spot didn’t seem to make them nervous at all.

I didn’t get too many comments after I read which was disheartening because some people really got a lot of praise and comments after they read their pieces. Some even got encouraged to turn what they wrote into the beginning of a story or novel. I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t know about that part (reading) of the meetup before I showed up because I probably would never have shown up if I had known!

It was still fun though, getting to hear everyone’s interesting takes on the prompts and the stories they came up with. The only one of my own that I was happy with was the ‘coming of age lesson’ prompts which I entered here as my last two posts on the blog.

It’s always fun to meet writers, and to write together with them. Writing is a solitary activity usually, so the change of scenery/company was nice and very welcome. Maybe the next meeting I go to will just be another writing marathon though, so I don’t embarrass myself.


September 22, 2013. Tags: , , , . writing.

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