Season Prompt

Prompt: Which of the four seasons best suits your personality?

My Response:

Fall best suits my personality. I like the cool crisp air, getting to enjoy warm foods and coffees and teas again, and going out with just a sweater on. I like the fact that you can go for a walk without getting all sweaty. The summer can be too warm, and the winter too cold, and in the spring I have terrible pollen allergies. So the fall is just right for me. It’s like a fresh, new beginning.

I love to see the trees changing colors and the leaves falling peacefully to the ground. Fall is a lovely season. I love the warm orange colors, the coming of Halloween and Thanksgiving. And I love the natural tendency to spend more time indoors, cozy and comfy, wearing sweaters and snuggling under the blankets.

But going outside is no chore either, when you feel like going out for an invigorating walk in the park or anywhere else. I like the change of the temperature, less humidity, the overall feeling of change and of something new.

To me, fall is a very optimistic time full of hope and promise. It’s a time when holidays come around to enjoy the company of family, and a great time to give thanks and feel gratitude for all the abundant blessings we have.


September 28, 2013. Tags: , , . writing.

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