Crazy Long Prompt

This prompt was given by someone at a writing group I went to recently. It was so out there that it actually produced rsome eally strong stories from everyone in the group, it was hilarious. Please don’t judge my horrible inability to write dialogue, and my use of clichés. We were given only 10 minutes to write after hearing the prompt. My response got a lot of laughs from the group (in a good way).

Prompt: Your 9-year-old son, Tiny Tim, needs an operation but you have no health insurance to pay for it. An old lady at Church buys your son a pony named ‘Razzle Dazzle’ to cheer him up. Your son and the pony become inseparable but you realize you have to sell the pony in order to pay for your son’s operation. You have to tell your son you have to sell his pony.

Your son and Razzle Dazzle are smoking cigars and insulting the general public together (or something like that). You realize that even more money can be made from the sale of Razzle Dazzle because he is a talking pony. Razzle Dazzle looks at you and says..”I know what you did last summer..”

My Response:

Razzle Dazzle looked at me knowingly. I was afraid of what was coming next but decided to be open to whatever he would suggest. I said, “How can you know what I did last summer? I didn’t even know you then and I barely know the old woman who bought you for my Tiny Tim.” Razzle Dazzle said, “I was travelling with the old lady when I came across your lake house one day. You were standing by the water and something was floating there before you.”

“You stood perfectly still: unmovable, unshakable, confident, unafraid and unfazed. The thing floating in the water appeared to be a small child. Later that night, I went around to the side of your house where your bedroom was. You were talking on the phone, and I heard you confess everything in a slow, measured, even, unfaltering tone. You said you had murdered your poor, sickly, toddler daughter.”

“No matter where you brought her for care, she never improved and you were at your wit’s end. Without health insurance, there was no way to see to her care and ensure her survival so you had to take a drastic measure and eliminate her from your life.”

I looked at Razzle Dazzle for a final time, and said, “Now that you know all this and have proven so, I must do the same thing. I must kill again and eliminate you, or risk being locked up for the rest of my life. And risk also that Tiny Tim will find out I killed his little sister in cold blood.” I calmly went into the house, pulled out the biggest kitchen knife I own, and pulled it on Razzle Dazzle.

He had nowhere to go and no one around to hear his final screams and his cries for mercy. I would have to find another way to resolve the dilemma of Tiny Tim’s operation. I could not become a murderer again. The most unlikely witness could turn up and ruin me, as Razzle Dazzle almost had. But I put an end to that. Once and for all.


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