Junk Prompt

Prompt: Is there “junk” in your life? What kind? How do you get rid of it?

My Response:

This is an interesting prompt. There is a lot of junk in my life but letting go of it means letting go of an old version of myself. That is a good thing, but also very difficult because it means redefining myself, taking on a new identity and not remaining stuck in the past. I like the certainty of who I thought I was, but it’s time to grow and to change, and that means getting rid of old junk.

I recently viewed an apartment that I really liked and was all set to move to, but it fell through and I’m not sure why. But I guess I just wasn’t supposed to move there. It’s a shame because it seemed like a quiet, peaceful place. Lately there has been so much noise in the apartment next to mine that it’s hard to ever really relax at night and fall asleep at a decent time. Not to mention I work from home, and it would be nice to work in a quiet environment.

Anyway, when I thought (for a few days) that I was going to be moving, I started sorting through old things and throwing a lot of stuff away. It was stuff that was just sitting in closets that I wasn’t using, or things that I already had too many of, or other random bits here and there that I no longer wanted in my life.

At the new place, my parents came one day to view it with me and my mother said she would help me decorate. This had me very excited because my mother has great taste and everyone compliments her all the time on how she decorated her new house.

And I thought how refreshing it would be to have all new things, and to release the old. I want to step into a new chapter, and look forward and consider new possibilities for myself. I want to make a big change, either with my apartment or my job, but the apartment is probably easier, so I’m focusing on that.

I want to release the stuck energy that’s been lingering around here in my apartment for years by moving everything out, sorting through it all, and discarding whatever I don’t feel I need anymore. By discarding old things, you make room for new things and new opportunities to come in.

I guess a new life is gained by making small changes. I’m working towards it one step at a time. My challenge is learning how to fill my time productively with things that will be more fulfilling. So I’m reading the books I want to read, exercising regularly, meditating daily, and searching for a new place to live. I hope I can find one before it gets too cold out, because I sorely need a fresh start in my life.


October 6, 2013. Tags: , , . writing.

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