Mistake Prompt

Prompt: What was the worst mistake or decision you have ever made in life?  What could you have done differently?

My Response:

At this point in life, I think my worst mistake ever was majoring in English in college. I had no idea what the working world was really like and that I’d have to start out as an editorial assistant/secretary until it was way too late. If I could go back now, I would major in library science. I would rather work in a nice, quiet library than as someone’s harried, always busy and stressed assistant who does clerical tasks and never gets a chance to write.

So because I majored in English, I’ve drifted from office job to office job, always unfulfilling, at times very stressful, trying to find the right fit for me. It reminds me of my dad, who changed jobs several times in life. Everything gets tiring after a while, especially if it holds no interest for you. And you start to seek out anything else, just to have a change. My mother has had the same job all her life though. Maybe because it never changed and she always knew what to expect.

I tried getting into publishing several times, but only got so far as two internships and one interview for a full-time position that I did not get. I assumed publishing was the area for me since I love reading and writing and figured I’d make a good editor. I can still apply to jobs like these and sometimes I still do, but who knows if I will every actually end up in a publishing house.

If I could go back and study library science, knowing what I know now about work and all the drudgery of the daily grind, I would definitely do it. It’s too bad that these are things you realize after the fact. I was not focused on my career when I was in college.

I was consumed with the fact that I was lonely and wanted a relationship. I didn’t realize how important it was to firmly decide on a future that I could envision myself being happy in. Because love may come and go, but you always have to take care of yourself and make a good living and become independent.

I guess I assumed things would fall into place. But it hasn’t been that easy. My job now is not what I want to be doing, but I do my best at it because the pay is decent, my boss is nice and reasonable, and I get the luxury of working from home. I want to work somewhere that doesn’t require me to be on the phone all day though. Every job has its good points and bad points, and I’m grateful that I don’t have to be out commuting when the weather is lousy and I’m tired from a long day at the office.


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