Here for A Reason Prompt

Prompt: Do you believe that we are all here for a reason?  What might the reason be?

My Response:

This is a difficult question, one that I’ve wondered about often in my life. I’ve always believed that we are all spiritual beings, having a human experience for a set number of years on earth. I believe that life is a gift, and we get a chance to experience it: all the highs and lows, all the wonders and frustrations, before we return to our source.

I believe that we chose the lives we are living before we were born. We chose our relatives and friends/enemies and job situations, in order to learn and grow and evolve our souls. I may have these beliefs because of a meditation class I attended in my early twenties, where a lot of these ideas were expressed by the teacher. I never believed in reincarnation, and I still don’t. I believe after death, we return to the light, where we can be free and happy.

I think we learn everything we are here to learn during this one lifetime, and then our soul goes back to its source of creation. I believe in God and everything, but I don’t think it’s a God that any one of us can imagine since we are human beings, and not in spirit yet. I think God (and eternity) exist beyond our realm of understanding and comprehension. But I do believe there is a source that created all human beings, and all the universe.

This is a question that many struggle with, but I feel that I’m here, existing right now, in order to learn certain lessons. And my time on earth will not end until I have learned all of them. I believe in a universal consciousness, an overall awareness of humankind and a basic nature of people.

Some people are more impressionable, easily swayed by outside influences, but others are more stable and remain so all their lives. I believe certain people were born in order to enlighten the world and teach us something that we never knew before. And I also believe that all people were meant to be born into the time period they are born into. I sometimes don’t feel I belong in this era of technological distraction, but I’m here and I feel that I chose to be here now.

I think the point of life is to enjoy it, to realize it’s a gift, to call forth it’s riches and to remember our own power. Because people are creative and powerful. The mind can imagine anything, and many people create their dreams as their reality. I think we are here to experience all that we possibly can during this life, and to remain always curious, always questioning.


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