Routine Prompt

Prompt: Do you have a daily or weekly routine that you follow?

My Response:

My daily routine when I get up on weekday mornings is this: wake up about 7:30am, snooze until 7:50am, shower, eat breakfast, have coffee, read some blogs and my email, sign in to work at 8:30am. I work until 5pm and then usually take the 5pm hour to do something good for myself. I’ll go for a walk, or meditate, or do some exercise. Not having to commute and having that extra time is a real blessing.

I meditate every day and exercise three times a week, usually cardio. So my work out days are Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday (Zumba class) usually. Some weeks I’m inspired and motivated to work out more. I try to blog as often as I can and write in my journal in the evenings as well. I have a tendency to stick to my routines, even though it wouldn’t hurt to branch out every now and then.

Like today, I wanted to go to a yoga class in a nearby town but the train ride there is about 25 minutes and then it’s a bit of a walk and I was feeling terribly sleepy today.  It was a busy day at work.

People think that I work at home and therefore it’s not very difficult. But I can average 50-60 calls to people per day, reminding them to make their appointments for eye exams or letting them know about the other programs my company offers to help them coordinate their health care. It can be draining for someone like me,  who doesn’t enjoy talking on the phone much.

The yoga class is every Wednesday evening though, and usually ends with a nice, peaceful meditation. So I’m going to hopefully make it there again soon. I like the instructor and the fact that the class welcomes beginners. Yoga can be a bit challenging when you first try it. But sometimes it’s good to challenge yourself to try something new and uncomfortable.

It’s amazing how alive and refreshed you feel when you deviate from your routine and try something new. It’s something that I have to keep in mind. But I do enjoy new experiences and just have to make more or an effort to pursue them. Life can’t be all about work and reading and staying in alone.

The world is meant to be explored. Having new and different experiences wakes us up and makes us realize how lucky we are to be alive. We are lucky to have the opportunity to make new discoveries all the time.


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