Wish Prompt

Prompt:  If you had only one wish, what would you wish for?

My Response:

I think I would wish to win the lottery so that I no longer have to work, and could spend my time doing what I love doing. If I won the lottery and work was no longer a necessity, I would volunteer at a place like God’s love we Deliver, or at a homeless shelter, doing administrative work or helping prepare meals/organize clothing donations or supplies for those less fortunate. I would love to spend my time that way.

I would volunteer my time and not ever feel stressed by a job or a deadline ever again. I would love to write during my off/leisure time and also take time out to travel and see all the places in the world I’ve always wanted to see: Spain, Italy, Greece, Bali, Japan, etc. And write down my impressions when visiting all those places.

I would love to win the lottery and live life in a way that is more relaxed, enjoyable and fulfilling. If I did win, maybe I would go back to school and study library science like I should have back when I was in college.

Sometimes work can be fulfilling and give me a feeling of purpose. It can give me the feeling that I’m providing a valuable service to members who have the health insurance of the company I work for, and providing valuable assistance to the team I work with and my supervisor. I take pride in doing my job to the best of my ability.

But I’m not really using my mind or creative abilities in my job and most of the time it feels like time is passing and I’m not using it the way I’m supposed to. My priorities in life were totally different when I started working than now, It’s amazing what a few years of work experience will give you in terms of perspective.

I would wish to win the lottery as my only wish because it would solve the majority of my issues. I’d longer have any real excuse for holding myself back. I would have nothing very serious to worry about aside from keeping myself healthy and happy, and taking care of my family. And I would have more time to help other people who desperately need attention and assistance from able-bodied people.

I would love to do physical work for a change, whether that means standing while sorting clothes, or prepping food, or something similar. Something more engaging for the body which I think would benefit my mind as well. I think that the joy of helping others would make me feel happy and fulfilled.


October 28, 2013. Tags: , , . writing.

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