7 things

Prompt: List 7 things you are grateful for today

My Response:

1. I’m grateful that I found a new apartment and will be moving soon.

2. I’m grateful for credit cards which allow me to afford to pay for movers and buy rugs for my new place,

3. I’m grateful that my nephew misses me. He asked my parents where I was this weekend since I wasn’t with them and he’s used to seeing me more now. He’s 7 years old.

4. I’m grateful that I’ll be going to see a Broadway show next weekend with my sister, niece, aunt and cousin.

5. I’m grateful that my Zumba class starts up again next week for 12 weeks.

6. I’m grateful that I meditated today.

7. I’m grateful for the walk in the park I went on today and the surprise of seeing a big group of ducks crossing along this big grassy area of the park by a lake. I took a picture of them on my phone. Sometimes nature is so entertaining.


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