Handwriting vs Typing

I personally prefer handwriting over typing. Typing is faster, but when I type it kind of reminds me of typing on my laptop for work, and that steals some of the joy of writing away. I love to write in a journal by hand. It’s slow and meditative and calming. It feels more like the page is listening, like a communication. If that makes any sense.

I think the physical act of writing by hand is more satisfying. I feel the urge to write often and then it’s a pleasurable experience to pick out the right, smooth flowing pen and the journal that is currently in use.

There’s something powerful about the movement of writing by hand. It feels more permanent to me too. I know that journals can be lost or stolen. But it takes a very long time for ink and paper to fade. Whereas, you write on a blog and it can all just disappear one day.

It happened to me once. I was keeping a journal when I started college and kept it on Microsoft Word, I think it was. One day the file just deleted and I had no idea why or how it happened. It made me very angry. My first impressions of college were lost forever.

Writing by hand is more romantic in my mind. You can write by candle light, sitting at a special writing-table with only your pens, your cup of coffee or tea, and enjoy the thoughts pouring out of your mind.

Typing seems very cold and sterile to me, whereas handwriting is alive and filled with the breath of person writing. It captures a specific moment in time, much like a photograph does.

Writing moments are special because they can never be repeated. And how you experience something today will be very enlightening if you read it years from now, seeing your emotion in the way that you scrawled across the page. I love writing by hand because it reminds me sometimes of being in school and taking notes, a more innocent time. I can leave the typing for this blog and for my work hours.

I used to blog pretty regularly, and I often have a lot of ideas, but life has been getting in the way a bit lately. I’ll be moving soon and the holidays are coming, so this is a very hectic time. I guess a lot of writers both type and write by hand at different times, depending on what mood they’re in.

I tend to write by hand when I’m writing more private thoughts and things I’m not sure if I want to share. I just let the stream of consciousness happen and note it all down, and then decide if anything that comes out is worth typing up here. Do you prefer to type or to handwrite?


November 3, 2013. Tags: , , . writing.

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