Annie on Broadway

Last weekend I went to see the play, Annie on Broadway. I went with my sister, my little niece who’s only 2, my cousin and my aunt. It was a nice time since I haven’t been to see a Broadway show in forever. We were up in the second row of the balcony but luckily for me I have good eyesight so that didn’t bother me. I was glad we weren’t at the very top because then the height tends to make me dizzy.

The show was very cute and entertaining and the audience was full of little girls. While I was waiting outside the theater for my family to arrive, I overheard a young girl talking to her mom. She said “The girl who plays Annie rides her scooter here!” I thought that was so funny. I forget what it’s like to be a young girl of 9 or 10 years old without a care in the world.

My niece loved the show and sang along to songs like “Tomorrow” and kept pointing out Annie to my sister. It was her very first trip into Manhattan and by the last two songs of the show, she had fallen asleep. I was struggling to remember the movie Annie while watching the show, but barely could.

The storyline was changed a little bit for the play, but I didn’t notice because I could barely remember the original. It’s amazing how time and experience passes and makes you forget things. My sister and I used to watch that movie repeatedly as kids, and now I can only remember bits and pieces.

When the show was over, another little girl behind me called out “I want to be an actor!” I laughed and asked my sister and my aunt if they had also heard. My sister said, “Well, that’s how it starts.” Who knows, that little girl may be a big star one day, having been inspired by watching a young girl like herself play the lead role in a Broadway show.

The actress who played Annie was perfectly cast, her singing voice was soaring and perfect and just right. Those songs seem difficult to sing, but she never once faltered or lost her poise. It was very impressive.


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