A New Outlook

Last night, I fell asleep shortly after dinner. It must have been around 8pm and I slept all the way until the next morning. I woke up a bit here and there to sleepily text my mom who was asking me how things are going in my new apartment. The next time I opened my eyes it was 1am and my bedroom light was still on, so I turned it off and went back to sleep. I slept for maybe about 12 hours in all.

I guess I was still really tired from moving over the weekend. I took Monday off but I still spent that day not really relaxing, but opening boxes, doing dishes, and getting things organized. I also spent a lot of time changing my address everywhere I have an account online: credit cards, bills, bank, etc.

I was either overly tired, or just sleep deprived from never getting any rest in my old apartment. It was nonstop noise there, all day long and most of the evening and night.

So last night I just slept and it was really great. I didn’t go online, I didn’t watch television, exercise, or read The Help, which is a really great book. I just gave in to the exhaustion and rested. And today my mind is clearer and more focused. I had more ideas for writing today than I’ve had in a long while. And that was a nice change. I kept thinking I would rather be writing than working, but day jobs are unfortunately necessary.

So tonight, now that I have my energy back I will exercise, and write, and do a few chores. Sometimes you just need to catch up on sleep. I feel better in my new apartment. I threw away a lot of useless stuff and I have so much more closet space.

I actually have closet space to spare, and space in my kitchen pantry. I needed this big change. I was too attached to my old apartment and it’s nice to see a new block and new people when I go outside, and to use my own things in new ways and organize everything differently.

I loved it when I was growing up in my mom’s house and she would rearrange the living room furniture or my bedroom furniture in order to shift the energy around and allow us to look at something new. It was refreshing. I feel like my mind has been jolted awake because my routine has changed. I’m in a quiet house now with quiet neighbors, and on a second floor instead of a fourth.

I can hear myself think and I can sit on the couch or on my bed and simply read, without needing any background noise on to drown out the neighbors. The rent is higher here but it’s worth it.

I am much more comfortable and relaxed, and that’s the way you want to feel when you are home. Getting to go to sleep anytime I want to is also a great plus, because sufficient sleep is so important. I can’t function without it.


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