All of Our Blessings

When I first told my mother about how I love getting home delivery service for my groceries, the first thing she said was “Isn’t it great to live in this country?” And it really struck me. We are so lucky and we often take that for granted. We have everything that we need, plus extra comforts too.

My mother was born and raised in Colombia. Everyone around her was very poor, always in need. She has 4 sisters and is the oldest. She had no toys when she was little. She jokes about having had to play with the roaches and bugs and animals.

When my mother moved here and got married and then pregnant, she did not have a lavish baby shower. She bought the few things she needed on her own at Woolworth’s.

The main aim for her and my father was survival, and raising my sister and I. All they wanted was a better life for us. My mother still periodically sends clothes/bedding/jewelry/makeup/perfume/curtains to her relatives in Colombia. And they cherish it all.

They wear my old dresses, jewelry and clothes (that I gave my mother to donate) until they are falling apart. And I gave them away because I was tired of them, and clothing and jewelry here is so plentiful.

Her relatives use everything to the fullest, until it’s no longer useful. Here there is abundance to the point where we barely see what we are blessed with anymore. We can’t imagine lacking anything.

I never complain. I have a job, a warm place to sleep, a loving family, and enough food to eat. And use of all my senses and limbs. Many people in this world are not so lucky, every day is a struggle for them.

All I worry about are my wants, not my needs. My needs are all handled thanks to my parents who paid for my education, and who taught me discipline, love and gratitude. My love for them knows no bounds.

Always remember that so many people in the world would love to live the way that we do, with abundance, luxuries, comforts, security and hope for the future. Give to those who need help, share your wealth.


January 16, 2014. Tags: . writing.

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