Title Prompt

Prompt: Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.

My Response:

My blog title, Rubies of Random Thought, means that I sometimes feel that I have epiphanies in my writing. But other times, it is just drab. Everything goes into my paper journal, but only the ‘rubies’ go onto my blog.

The rubies are the special thoughts in which I articulated something in a certain way that I am proud of, and that I feel is worth sharing.

Random Thought, meaning that out of all the stuff drifting through my mind, only certain things are ever written down and I don’t know why those thoughts are and not others.

There is a strong internal voice that picks up on observations, feelings, impressions and insights, and that’s the voice that comes out in my writing.

It takes a lot of stillness at times to hear it. And when the mind is muddled with thoughts, it becomes nearly inaudible. At times though, that inner voice- the chatter can become “incessant,” as Sylvia Plath once put it. It won’t leave me alone until I express it through my pen. And I can’t feel quite complete until I do.

Many times, I find I have to write a bit of stream of consciousness stuff, to empty out the mind of the minutia, in order to reach the ruby thoughts underneath.

They are always there somewhere in the subconscious mind, but are not always obvious. Writing more often sharpens them, hones the inner voice, and encourages it to emerge more and not be so elusive.


January 23, 2014. Tags: , . writing.

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