Childhood Memory

My mother will be retiring at the end of October. Recently, she started thinking about when she started working at her job and remembered that when my sister and I were little, we used to accompany my dad on Friday nights to pick up my mom from work. He had to drive into midtown Manhattan. She worked a night shift so it was too late and dangerous to take a train home.

She mentioned how funny it is that my sister and I were so little back then and she’s been at her company so long that now we have grown up and are professionals, working our own jobs.

It’s amazing to see how time passes and things change over the years. I started remembering and looking back at those nights we would go to pick her up from work.

It was exciting for us, we would get take-out on Friday nights and then leave a few hours later to ride into the city. It was always adventurous and interesting for our young minds. I always liked looking at the tall buildings and the lights on the bridges. I had nothing on my mind mostly, except maybe the song on the radio.

And things are so funny when you are a kid. I remember waiting in the lobby of my mom’s building one night. We had gotten there a little earlier or something and my sister and I decided to get out of the car and play in the lobby.

We had these little bouncing rubber balls that we would skip along the floor and across to reach the other wall on the far side of the lobby. The lobby was huge and empty. A perfect play area for two little girls.

The sounds of the rubber balls bouncing off the walls and across the floors would echo loudly through the building and we would giggle and then laugh again at ourselves because our laughter would echo even louder through the lobby.

We kept trying to play but be quiet at the same time. And this was totally amusing to us. We were simply being kids, enjoying ourselves, laughing and having a great time. Just because we could, just because we were alive.

It was an unexpected moment to remember and kind of relive just from my mother recalling us picking her up from work as little girls. And now she is retiring soon and we are in our 30s and my sister has a family of her own.

I’m grateful for happy, joyful memories of a carefree childhood. Those are the things people relive with their own kids and anyone who spends time with kids. A child’s thoughts are so simple and refreshing. They have no worries or real concerns. They live just for right now.


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