Wish Prompt

Prompt: List 50 Wishes

My Response:

1. I wish to make friends with like-minded people

2. I wish to retire early

3. I wish to travel to Japan

4. I wish to travel to Italy

5. I wish to travel to Spain

6. I wish to travel to Greece

7. I wish to fall in love again

8. I wish to become more confident

9. I wish to become stronger mentally

10. I wish to become stronger physically

11. I wish to meet Shirley Manson

12. I wish to see Garbage in concert again

13. I wish for a vacation spent at home with no place to go

14. I wish for a secluded cabin in the woods

15. I wish to become an author of several books

16. I wish to own a bookstore or stationary store

17. I wish to have a popular blog

18. I wish for happiness in my life

19. I wish for simplicity in my life

20. I wish for purpose in my life

21. I wish to have complete independence and autonomy

22. I wish to read more books

23. I wish to live without distractions

24. I wish for more energy

25. I wish to meditate frequently

26. I wish to exercise regularly

27. I wish for Ipod speakers that you don’t need to charge

28. I wish for new books about clearing clutter

29. I wish for new books about journal writing

30. I wish for more adventures in my life

31. I wish for less anxiety in everyday life, and more ease with breathing deeply

32. I wish to have more fun in my life

33. I wish for the simplicity of the life I currently lead to continue

34. I wish libraries could be open on Sundays

35. I wish I knew how to cook more healthy meals

36. I wish I was more adventurous and spontaneous

37. I wish to find work that interests me and engages me

38. I wish for as much peace and quiet as I can get

39. I wish for my niece and nephew to live life true to who they are

40. I wish to live without anyone’s influence

41. I wish to continue to make my own decisions without worrying about letting people down

42. I wish to get enough sleep on a regular basis

43. I wish to find a good hair dresser so I no longer need to blow dry and wash my own hair so often.

44. I wish to have the security of a large savings account

45. I wish for a new pair of black jeans that fit well

46. I wish to clear out my home of anything old and/or useless

47. I wish for people to stop trying to tell me what to do or how to be

48. I wish for my parents to find hobbies to bring them joy and help them pass the time

49. I wish to have peace of mind

50. I wish for the courage to say how I really feel, all the time


December 5, 2015. Tags: , . writing.

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